5 vitamin K curiosities that you didn’t know

Although for many people this vitamin is a mystery, it is important to know that vitamin K is essential for our body, as it helps the development of our bones and keep our heart healthy and strong. Thanks to the fact that this vitamin is present in many foods, we can consume it by making its deficit in our body almost impossible.

But … In what foods can we find vitamin K? What happen if we have a deficit in vitamin K? What are the advantages of consuming vitamin K?

In this post we will share 5 curiosities about vitamin K that you did not know and some advantages of consuming it:

1-As we have said before, vitamin K is naturally present in many foods, and thanks to this fact we can cover the daily amount of vitamin K for our body. However, the following foods are Vitamin K sources:

-Vegetables such as broccoli, with green leaves such as spinach, cabbage or lettuce.

– Vegetable oils.

– In fruits such as blueberries and figs.

– Cheese, meat, egg and beans.

2-Vitamin K deficiency is rare, but if it does, it can cause bruising and bleeding problems, since blood clotting will be slower. Also, if we do not consume enough vitamin K, it can cause bones weakness and cavities.

3- There are three primary vitamin K forms:  vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), vitamin K2 (menaquinone) and vitamin k3 (menadione).

4- Vitamin K1 comes from vegetables and it is absorbed by the body in very low concentration and vitamin K2 comes from animals and it is absorbed much better by the body.

5- Vitamin K can also be used topically. The vitamin K coagulation capacity can help in situations where there is an increase in blood irrigation.

Finally, did you know that our crunchy broccoli Vitasnack is certified as a snack with high vitamin K? One pack a day will help you to achieve the vitamin K amount needed for your body.

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