Do you already know the new Vitasnack Crunchy Orange without skin?

Now you can enjoy our delicious and crunchy dehydrated orange without skin. A new product from our Vitasnack dehydrated fruit range.

Oranges as we know them are citrus fruits, they are juicy and they have many nutrients that are very important for our health. We can consume them in many ways without losing their most important properties. This is why oranges are one of the gastronomic industry favourite fruits, since with it you can make delicious desserts, drinks, juices, smoothies and salads, among other dishes.


And it is thanks to this versatile capacity that we can select them and cut them while preserving their original appearance, aroma and flavour.

Vitasnack Crunchy Orange without skin:

Our Vitasnack Dehydrated Orange goes through a detailed dehydration and texturization process; this is how we can obtain a delicious product with all its nutrients and with a delicious and intense traditional flavour. Our product is characterized by a high vitamin C content which besides being a powerful antioxidant, it helps us to increase the iron absorption in order to repair damaged tissues and to maintain a healthy, hydrated and clean skin. Also, its high fiber content helps us to facilitate the food digestion process by making our digestive system works properly. Finally, its high vitamin A content helps us to have a good vision, our nails and our tooth enamel.


One Vitasnack orange package a day will help us to absorb the enough nutrients that our bones and body need.

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