“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”

Moderate physical exercise is an activity that directly affects us in both our health and mind. This is the reason for which it should be part of our daily habits with a healthy eating.

The problem is that for some of us this statement is not enough. Lack of time, stress, family, friends and work take up too much time. But…did you know that with only 30 minutes of daily exercise it would be enough?

We give the following reasons that show the many benefits of exercise

1. Extends the life and prevents heart attacks

It is shown that a regular and healthy physical exercise lengthens life.
People with regular physical activity have a lower risk of heart attack and lower blood pressure.

2. Regulates blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes and regulating weight

Something as simple as walking daily reduces the risk of diabetes which is continuously increasing in our society.
It also helps to prevent respiratory diseases achieving lung capacity and improve oxygenation.
It also helps to eliminate toxins and hormonal regulation.

3. Strengthens muscles and bones

From age 30, the natural process causes progressively the loss of muscle mass and calcium in bones.
In women, the loss of calcium is enhanced from the onset of menopause.

The move strengthens bones, builds muscle, activates blood circulation and prevents overweight. Playing sports we will model our physical and have more energy and our self-esteem will grow.

4. Improve our physical appearance

Tone, reducing weight and definitely achieve overall wellness.

5. Fights depression and reduces stress

The physical exercise produces a remarkable mental and psychological improvement, causing an increase in self-esteem and benefiting physical problems like hypertension or osteoporosis.
To achieve a calming effect, exercises should be rhythmic and aerobic, such as walking, running, biking or swimming.

Stress is one of the great evils of modern society and one of the causes of premature aging.
With sport our body works better, we feel better, happier, we toil less and therefore we see ourselves better. This helps to reduce the stress load that we have.

6. We will feel younger

Aerobic exercise (whatever exercises the cardiovascular system) promotes growth and cell renewal.
Regular physical activity will increase your aerobic capacity delaying physical deterioration.

7. We will be happier in every aspect of our lives

Healthy diet, an essential key

But, as mentioned, this physical activity should be supplemented with a healthy diet, being the most important factor. Along with this, avoid all kinds of bad habits like smoking, alcohol, etc. will give you between 10 and 15 years more of average life according to experts. And what is more important, the quality of life lived.

A balanced diet is key to health, and so important is its amount, according to our needs, and quality, natural and fresh foods, such as its frequency. Most experts advise to perform multiple daily intakes of small amounts, up to a total of five meals instead of few and heavy ones.

We should start with a good breakfast, full and healthy, necessary to meet all physical and psychological requirements of our journey. And continue for sufficient food to complete our daily activities and a light dinner, among which you can have a snack, preferably fresh and light food.

VitaSnack strongly supports the practice of moderate physical exercise and the maintaining of a healthy life through food, since the snacks of Fruit and Vegetables of VitaSnack maintains a nutritional value premium recognized as a source of natural antioxidants like Vitamin C , Lycopene or Polyphenols, present in products such as pepper, tomato, strawberry or apple. No chemical additives or use of fats, salts or sugars, or fry or freeze in its preparation, and always from fresh selected seasonal products and certified organic.

Remember that a healthy and organized life will help you live better, give you a quieter life style and can fully enjoy it.

For a Mens Sana in Corpore SanoVitaSnack!

Source consulted: World Health Organization


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