Natural Crunch has obteined the IFS Food certification

The increasing demand of consumers, the responsibilities of distributors and wholesalers more and more challenging, the growing legal requirements and the globalization of product supplies, it makes necessary to keep under control quality standards and food safety. 

From its own origin and conception, in NATURAL CRUNCH we have been looking for excellence in quality, safety and customer satisfaction, as a differentiating value in the market. 

This excellence as a goal is a long-term commitment that implies effort and determination before the first fruits appear.  

At least, we can communicate the satisfaction of having achieved it: we have obtained the IFS Food certification (recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI), and with it we become part of the productive elite of the food sector, appearing in the same list as other food industries such as Danone, Nestlé, Unilever … 

In addition, we have been audited and certified by APPLUS +, one of the most prestigious certifiers worldwide.  

Therefore, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to food health and contribute to win the trust of our customers and consumers, which are the real reason for our existence. 


Antonio Ramírez Fajardo. 

CEO Natural Crunch. 

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