We continue with the aim of contributing to improve the quality of life of consumers through the development of healthy foods where fruit and vegetables were ABSOLUT PROTAGONIST, offering REAL healthy alternatives to current snacks avaliable on the market.

From our desire to continue innovating, are born the tasty, healthy seasonal olives snack. No stones, no oil – just veggies.

We brings a totally new way of eating olives that is set to revolutionise the on-the-go olive snacking experience.

This exclusively organic Hojiblanca olive snack comes in 2 tasty mix options to choose from:

They come in convenient 30g and 26g Doypacks with no stones, oil or preservatives – a healthy alternative to crisps!

While Spanish olives are well known for their taste, being a natural source of Calcium and Potassium is what makes them the perfect Mediterranean snack to enjoy at any time.

Why not try them on the go or as an ingredient to add extra taste to any dish?

@VitaSnacks are gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans. Our ingredients are 100% natural – free from artificial flavours and preservatives.


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