Get gifts and discounts with our rewards programme

We wanted to help you save while buying your favourite snacks, so we went ahead and devised a reward programme so you may benefit from free shipping and redeemable points when buying at the Vitasnacks store.

Find out more about the advantages

  • Get free shipping in your purchases depending on the total amount of the order and the delivery area.
  • Redeem your points whenever suits you best.
  • Your points do not expire.
  • The higher your level, the more you will be saving.

Access our online store and start buying your favourite snacks. Make sure you reach the minimum amount to qualify for free shipping, which will depend on the delivery area.

Accumulate Vitasnacks points for all your online store purchases. You will receive 1 point for every € 20 spent.

Redeem your points to get discounts in future purchases.
Remember, 1 point = € 0.50
Points do not expire, so use them whenever you wish.

Furthermore, now you can earn 4 extra points for posting a comment and evaluation on the references that you have purchased in our online store and that will be accumulated to the points that you already have in your account.

Vitasnacker SILVER

For purchases above € 300/year

Vitasnacks bowls and bags

Vitasnacker GOLD

For purchases above € 600/year

Vitasnacks Vitasnacks bowls and bags

Free VitaSnack case with your favorite flavours (10 units)

Vitasnacker PLATINUM

For purchases above € 1,200/year

Vitasnacks bowls and bags

Free VitaSnack case with your favorite flavours (10 units)

5% extra discount for a year

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the points I have accumulated?

When login in to “My account”, you will find an option in the side menu called “My points” where you may see all the points accumulated for each of your purchases, as well as your redeemed points and balance. Every transaction will also trigger an email with an update.

How can I redeem my points??

When making any new purchase, you will be given the option to redeem all or part of the points in your account.

Will my points expire?

No, your accumulated points do not expire. You will always be able to use them, regardless of the time elapsed since you earned them.