Right in the middle of our Strawberry campaign


As far back as ancient Rome, strawberries were linked to the festival of Adonis. Legend has it that the origin of strawberries is attributable to Adonis’ death, as upon touching the ground, Venus’ tears would turn into this unique fruit that has ended up becoming indispensable in our lives.

After such a complicated year, we look to the future with optimism as we start our 2021 strawberry season in Huelva. We have more than 16,000 kg of fruit to process… and having checked the outstanding quality of our first strawberries encourages us to move forward with more enthusiasm than ever.

We would like to dedicate a special thanks to those who make this campaign possible; namely our producers, who fought so hard against the adverse weather conditions we suffered from at the beginning of the year to bring us these strawberries of such exceptional organoleptic properties.

The fact remains that in addition to magnificent flavour, aroma and texture, this fruit also has many health benefits.

In this way, and true to our principle of always working with seasonal products, for 2 months we will be working hard to ensure the supply of our crispy organic strawberries with all their properties to our customers.

Due to being such a delicate fruit, we need to process it on the same day it is harvested, starting with the removal of the calyx and the temperature abatement at source, followed by washing, cutting and packing, to then be pre-dried in our laminar flow tunnel with controlled temperature and humidity, so all its properties may be maintained. As soon as they hit their optimum point, we remove them to be expanded and to finish drying them. And once they are crispy and have passed all the quality controls, they are finally ready for packaging and sending!

We hope that they will be reaching your palates soon. Enjoy! 😊

#VitaSnack’s Team

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