VitaSnack mean Health, Taste and Surprise

Your healthy break

VitaSnack was created with the aim of facilitating the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables for a healthier and more balanced diet, aware that the main instrument we have to take care of the planet and our health is FOOD, which will have to be healthier, more sustainable and convenient.

Natural and Healthy.

No chemical additives and no fats, salts or added sugars, as well as no frying or freezing in their preparation. Sourced from selected fresh, seasonal and organically certified products.
They also maintain top quality nutritional value that is widely acknowledged as a source of natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C,
Lycopene and Polyphenols, present in peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and apples.

Tasty and Surprising.

They intensify the pure flavours of fruit and vegetables while providing a crunchy texture, and they feature an attractive presentation in strips, slices or flakes.

Practical and Versatile.

Easy to use, lightweight and non-perishable. At any time and in any place, as a snack or as a supplement to starters and canapés, sauces and creams, as an accompaniment to main courses, desserts, cocktails, and an endless number of creative applications in the world of cookery and gastronomy.


Cómo los hacemos

From the entrance of the fresh raw products that came from previously approved and organic certified local growers, until the final packaging, we work to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of our products and processes.

To obtain VitaSnacks, we apply our exclusive TXME® texturization technique, doing away with freezing or microwaving, which in turn allows us to obtain a homogeneously porous structure – this facilitates the exit of water without the need to increase the temperature and drastically reduces drying times, reaching a residual water content of less than 2%, avoiding excessive oxidation of the product, maintaining a high nutritional content and a crunchy texture in a totally natural way, all whilst preserving the real essence of the fresh product without the need to apply any type of additive, salt or sugar, preservative, colouring or flavour enhancer.

Finally, we obtain a unique product, of special appeal and in perfect harmony with the global food trends of health, taste and convenience.

This way, we are proud to offer a very huge range of flavours.


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