PACK of VitaSnacks: Organic Vegetables Crunch


9 Vitasnacks’ packages of veggies crunch. 
Veggie crunch: tomato with basil, onion, beetroot, sweet potato, sweet potato with curry, zucchini with black pepper, carrot and mix olives with onion & pepper

  • Without colouring or preservatives.
  • No salt or sugar added.
  • Without frying or freezing.


Not Fried
Gluten Free
Additives Free
No Trans Fat
No Added Salt
Not Freeze Dried
Rich in Fibre and Vitamins

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A practical and fun way to take 1 piece of fruit of the 5 daily recommended.
Nutritional Advantages

  • High content in water soluble FIBER.
  • Source of natural antioxidants.


Light, healthy and easy to eat – ideal for snacking between meals or at any time, whether at the office, on the road, on a walk or before or after sports. Anytime, anywhere.
An ideal, original topping able to provide a crunchy, fun and always healthy touch to all kinds of salads
Turn burgers, hot dogs, fried eggs, pastas and pizzas into more surprising dishes by adding extra flavour and a crunchy texture.
For healthy dipping into hummus, guacamole or spreadable cheeses and dips


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