Sweet and full of energy, that is the beet

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  1. What is the beet
  2. Beet varieties
  3. Beet properties and benefits

¿What is the beet?

The beet is a vegetable which is scientifically known as Beta Vulgaris. It is a native plant from Mediterranean and Western Europe. Since prehistory this plant has been eaten by human. At first, they ate their leaves and then they began to eat its roots and some pulp varieties. In classical Greece, for example, beetroots were very different from how we know them today; their roots were long, white or red and very sweet.
And it is thanks to that sugar amount, that these vegetables are very well known in the gastronomic industry. Also, they are renowned for their colorful and their succulent skin.

Beet varieties

There are three beet types:

1- Red beet: This is the most common beet type, because thanks to its pulp which is very sweet and succulent, we can eat it as a vegetable. Within this same variety we can find two more types, depending on their shape and size: spherical and intermediate.

2- Sugar beet: It is white and it is used in the sugar industry.

3- Forage beet: It is usually used as food for livestock.


Beet properties and benefits

Among its properties we can find that it has a high vitamin C content which helps us to strengthen our defences. In addition, potassium and acid folic help us to prevent cardiovascular and heart diseases.

Moreover, this vegetable has a large amount of phosphorus and very low calories. As well as we can find in small quantities: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and minerals such as iron and iodine.

Beet benefits:

1- Beet as anticancer vegetable: It has been shown that the beet ingestion inhibits cancerous tumours. As stated by the Hungarian doctor Alexander Frerenegi on his experiments which were carried out on people and animals.

2- Beet and blood pressure: Beet juice causes the nitric oxide increase that dilates blood vessels in the blood concentration.

3- Beet and asthma: Beet helps strengthen body’s defences and it helps to prevent breathing problems.

4- Beet and sports: beet provides constant energy so it is a good sport ally.

5- Beet and the heart: This vegetable helps to protect the blood vessels and the heart.

In short, beetroot is a vegetable that cannot be missed in our daily diet, because it can give us many benefits to our body. So if we eat one Vitasnack beetroot package a day, it will offer us the nutrients which are necessary to continue our day.

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