The Dinosol Group is set to become the latest addition to the @VitaSnacks healthy snacking trend.


Natural Crunch continues its national expansion process, the intention being to make its @VitaSnacks available to an increasing number of consumers, providing a truly healthy alternative to healthy, sustainable snacking. #ToSnackWithoutSinning

After El Corte Inglés 3 weeks ago, @VitaSnacks has continued to increase its presence among regional chains that have decided to enrich their shelves’ healthy snacks category. This represents something of a departure from traditional methods, as they provide added value to their customers by favouring innovative products that are developed and produced in Spain, with a firm commitment towards a healthier diet, and placing fruit and vegetables at the epicentre of it all.

Now it is the Dinosol Group’s turn to join us in stocking VitaSnacks for its Hiperdino supermarkets in the Canary Islands.

For some time now, Hiperdino has demonstrated being sensitive to its client’s demands, who are increasingly more concerned with being informed about the quality and origin of the products they purchase. In this way, they have expanded their range to include a wide variety of products for coeliacs and the lactose intolerant, as well as fair trade, etc. while promoting the consumption of organic and healthy products that are increasingly more accepted among consumers as a whole.

In this case, by selecting 7 of our references, we have arrived at a balanced selection of organic crunchy fruit and vegetables, and we have also nodded towards those with a sweet tooth by including our 2021 novelty ‘crunchy mango with chocolate’.

VitaSnacks are made from exclusively organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables that undergo an exclusive process of dehydration at low temperatures that eliminates water without increasing the temperature and reduces drying times. This allows for producing a snack with a crunchy and spongy texture and an intense, original flavour, while preserving the majority of the nutrients without the use of any additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. VitaSnacks have fruit and vegetables as the ABSOLUTE PROTAGONISTS – with no added sugars, gluten or lactose and without any frying or baking.


See you next time.

#VitaSnack’s Team

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