The Mediterranean Diet: A great heritage to follow

While the Mediterranean Diet is now a World Heritage Site and we should implement it, it is known that Spaniards are increasingly far from the recommended food for its great health benefits. That’s why we will give to know a little more about the Mediterranean diet.

The benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The key benefits of the Mediterranean diet were detected on human health.

It is known that the Mediterranean diet, consisting of fats of good quality, variety of fruits and vegetables that increase fibre intake as well as their whole grains and promote diversity of vitamins and minerals, is a protective factor against cardiovascular diseases.

It is also considered that the Mediterranean diet is the most beneficial for our brain health, caring for the health of the central nervous system as well as memory and increases life expectancy in people with Alzheimer’s.

But besides the brain and heart, the benefits extend to our hormones, as the Mediterranean diet promotes fertility given the good nutrients that make it and has been shown to reduce the risk of allergies, and degenerative diseases such as cancer reducing the risk of death from any cause by 30%.

As we can see, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet not only extend to cardiovascular health but also to the airways, brain, weight control and prevention of obesity, as well as to care for the view, bones and protect against cancer.

Certainly, his many valuable benefits justify its practice

Tips closer to the Mediterranean Diet

To get closer to the Mediterranean diet can greatly help our ability in the kitchen, which allows us to include typical ingredients of such diet. We leave the following tips you can remember back in the kitchen for your more healthy Mediterranean diet:

  • Once a day, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, uncooked, in order to maximize their micronutrients and more fiber intake, for that, you can eat salads, skewers of fresh fruits or enjoy canes vegetables with a Mediterranean dip.
  • Rescue olive oil and use it not only as a salad dressing, but also to form dressings, spreads toast, to cook food, to flavor cakes and puddings and frying at high temperatures.
  • Switch to whole grain flours and add vegetables to your diet in the form of stews, burgers and salads.
  • Consume fresh fish two or more times a week, avoiding smoked and cured.
  • Nuts and seeds used in cooking, these ingredients can be used as part of a salad, for bread or toast or form a crust, to add to bread.
  • Let not use spices and fresh herbs in your dishes that will help add antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and reduce the salt used in recipes without losing any flavor.

For all this, it is high recommendation follow our healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet. And an original and fun way to do this is through our Fruits and Vegetables Crunchy VitaSnack, since it has a nutritional value premium constituted as a rich source of natural antioxidants and soluble fiber, easily be incorporated into our daily diet with endless applications to enjoy taking care!

Source: Directo al Paladar y Fundación Dieta Mediterránea

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