Vitasnack vegetable bread vita recipe

If you are one of those who love cooking and making your own bread at home, you will love this post.

A delicious bread recipe made with our delicious Vitasnack dehydrated vegetables without chemical additives and with ecological certification. Those are characteristics that give them a tastier touch, much healthier and more natural.


  • 20g a half of Vitasnack Veggie Mix (it brings pumpkin, pepper, beet and tomato) and a half of dehydrated Onion Vitasnack.
  • 150g of wheat starch
  • 100g of potato starch
  • 50g of sweet manioc starch
  • 70g of buckwheat flour
  • 70g of brown rice flour
  • 40g of soy flour
  • 20g of sesame flour
  • 5g of bamboo fiber + 5g of psyllium
  • 10g of xanthan
  • 10 gr of impeller (optional)
  • 10 gr of powdered albumin (optional)
  • 5g of dry baker’s yeast
  • 9g of salt
  • 470g of water
  • 10g of honey
  • 20g of AOVE


Grind the Vitasnack dehydrated vegetables and knead all the ingredients. Add the solids ingredients in the liquids, minimum for 10 minutes. Add the xanthan that is dissolved in the oil in the last two minutes of the kneading. Keep the dough in the refrigerator, covered it and leave it to ferment for at least 12 hours.


After letting them to ferment in a warm place, you have to preheat the oven to 250ºC and bake at 220ºC for the first 25 minutes, with a low heat and with the steam created in the lower part of your oven. The rest of the time we bake at about 180º-190ºC, without needing steam.

We need to take into account that the temperature and time of baking is approximate, since everything depends on the piece size and the oven.

Once they are ready we can enjoy them with any meal, or even alone, you will love them.


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