Welcome 2021. New home format BULK.


NOW: MORE Product LESS Packaging!

We continue with our commitment to Sustainability with a NEW Format for a more environmentally Sustainable and Responsible Consumption at home.

Our goals are minimize the use of packaging and reduce the carbon footprint.

This new format is presented in a zip-locked, vacuum-sealed bag to seal in the product’s organoleptic properties and includes a reusable Doypack for dosing the exact amount you would like to take with you for an healthy snacking, so we waste less….

Discover the BULK format.

In addition, we have considered the possibility of creating a Custom Box with 2 bulk bags to choose from among the entire range available with a 5% discount on the price of individual bags.

We continue with the committment to create healthy foods where fruit and vegetables were ABSOLUTE PROTAGONIST

  • 100% seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Exclusively from certified organic crops.
  • More than 80% from national/local growers
  • Avoid any type of preservative, additive or flavor enhancer.

@VitaSnacks are gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

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